Legal Scandals  

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Sixten Westerlund..

The Blow Up of Norrskensflamman, 1940.

The Rinkeby Fire, Stockholm, 2009.
Fire In Staffanstorp, Sweden, 2009.

New World Order (NWO).
CIA - A Terror Network.

The Brothel Tangle (The Geijer Affair), 1976.
The Murder of Dagmar Hagelin, Buenos Aires, 1977.
The Hostage Crisis in Iran, 1979.
Catrine da Costa Case, 1984.
The Palme Murder, 1986.
The Sinking of MV Estonia,1994.
The Anna Lindh Murder, 2003.

The Double Murder In Linköping, 2004.
The Arboga Murders, 2008.
The Murder of Sandra Carlsson, 2011.

Political Murders in the United States.

Attack on Pearl Harbor, 1941.
Bomb Attack Against Hitler, 1944.
Hitler's Escape to Argentina, 1945.

Victims To The Swedish Nazi Violence.

The Getå Landslide, Sweden,1918.
The Tuve Landslide, Sweden,1977.
The Collapse of the Tjörn Bridge, Sweden,1980.

Train Accident at Akkavare, Sweden,1956.
Chicago Loop Derailment, 1977.
Tram Accident in Gothenburgh, 1992.
Madrid Train Bombings, 2004
rain Crash in Saltsjöbaden, Stockholm, 2013.

Hindenburg Disaster, 1937.
Airplane Crash In Ängelholm, Sweden,1964.
Spantax Plane Crash at Arlanda, Stockholm, 1970.
Tenerife Airport Disaster, 1977.
The Lockerbie Disaster (Pan Am Flight 103), 1988.

Scandinavian Airlines Flight 751 (Gottrörakraschen), 1991.
JAS 39 Gripen Crash, The Stockholm Water Festival, 1993.
Linate Airport Disaster, Milan, 2001.
Military Airplane Crash at Kebnekaise, Sweden, 2012.
Helicopter Blow Up at King Power Stadium, Leicester, England, 2018.

Massacres in Munich, 1972.
Massacre in Jonestown, 1978.
Mass Murder In Falun, Sweden,1994.
Collateral Murder in Baghdad, 2007.
Norway Attacks, 2011.

Fallen Stars.

"The Day The Music Died", 1959.
The Murder of Glenn Miller, 1944.
The Murder of James Dean, 1955.
The Murder of Marilyn Monroe, 1962.
The Murder of John Lennon, 1980.


Sexual Explotation of Children Within Jehovah's Witnesses.
Victims To the Russian Mafia Violence.

Per Westerlund.
Attempted Murder at Arvidsjaur Hospital, 1959.
Holiday Trip in Eastern Europe, 1973.
Chicago 1976 - 1977.
Attempted Murder at SAS Flight Stockholm - Skellefteå, 1998.
Attempted Murder on Crete, Greece, 2006.
Johnson Matthey.
The European Court of Human Rights.

Elvira Madigan And An Allegory.
Genetic Modification of Human Embryos.
Serious Crime at Hyundai, Marbella, 2015.
Sixteen (16) GPS Trackers Discovered In My Hyundai i20 In 2021.
Attempted Murder on the Costa Del Sol, October, 2022.
Damage To My Hyundai i20, 2023-10-29.
Serious Crime at Hyundai, Marbella, 2015.
Exclusive One Bedroom Apartment For Sale,
Benalmádena Costa, Spain.